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About this title:
Under the Tequila Sun
by Samuel C. Saladino

Item price:  $19.00
Book Description:
Under the Tequila Sun, by Samuel C. Saladino
Paperback ISBN 9780828326469 $19; Kindle 9780828326476 E-Book

An unarmed and defenseless social worker takes a defiant stand. Dressed seductively, she enters Dante’s 7th circle of Hell into the grasp of a cartel of ruthless men. Naked, she teeters along a straight line of righteousness only to stray into a gutter of wickedness and addictions, on an actual journey from the heart of Illinois, to the city of Angels, and to the pits of a Mexican bordello where two kidnapped young women stand up to the evil besieging them.

Under the Tequila Sun is a whirlwind of life experiences that batters our senses while striving to encompass hope for a better tomorrow. The story intertwines ordinary people facing extraordinary situations: a young troubled couple helps to emancipate a 15-year old girl; a detective boyfriend risks all to rescue her from ruthless criminals; and a powerfully tormented man creates havoc for everyone, including a gay teenage son trying to turn straight with unforeseen consequences.

A former teacher, Sam Saladino continues to deal with troubled adolescents as a specialized foster parent, counselor and supervisor at a children's home. Moving from the frying pan into the fire, he worked as a crisis interventionist and then as a child abuse/neglect investigator for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Under the Tequila Sun, he focuses on a children’s home and tells the story of a vindictive and out-of-control teenager, a talented artist who paints with passion and revenge. Majoring in art and criminal justice, she is completing college degree. Now a police intern, she becomes romantically involved with a detective who will do anything to protect her, including putting his job on the line. An incest victim herself, she senses that a teen girl that she meets on a routine case is being sexual abused by her father. Her obsession with the girl leads her down a sinister road, resulting in the girl’s mother blowing away the father with a shot gun. Although the mother is arrested for murder, after a high profile trial, the jury sets her free due to the husband’s long term sexual abuse of the daughter.

All the characters are intertwined with the gangsters, who are creating havoc for everyone. In Juarez, Mexico, the murder capital of the world, female college students make a dramatic escape. The married couple, whose marriage is on the rocks, ends up in an office with a marriage counselor. But the story ends on an ominous note: Will the characters gain Purgatory on a path of redemption, or plunge deeper into Dante’s Hell?

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