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About this title:
Fourteen Unsolved Mysteries
by Stan Modrak

Item price:  $18.00
Book Description:
Fourteen Unsolved Mysteries, by Stan Modrak, ISBN 9780828326421 Paperback $18; ISBN 9780828326438 E-Book

In this book, Stan Modrak takes on the task of solving the very mysteries that have kept Americans entertained in their pursuit to resolve the various riddles. Modrak, perhaps more than any other author, has come up with some very good observations and probable solutions to each event. As of today, for instance, we still do not have a final resolution on Amelia Earhart. Only several decades old, the mystery on who killed JFK remains unsolved.

Here are the fourteen titles of the Ubsolved Mysteries: 1. Jack the Ripper, 2. Amelia Earhart, 3. The Red Baron, 4. Roanoke Colony, 5. Bermuda Triangle, 6. The Black Dahlia, 7. J.F.K., 8. Ghost Blimp, 9. Stonehenge, 10. Valentich Vanishes, 11. Machu Picchu, 12. Great Lakes Triangle. 13. Easter Island, and, 14. Atlantis.

Stan has brought these mysteries back to life. What happened to Atlantis? Do we really know its location? How about the popular Machu Picchu? How did those indigenous inhabitants of South America succeeded in the construction of such a site? Of course everyone knows about England’s Stonehenge; people from Hew Hampshire have their own Stonehenge. Of the many serial killers, none seems to be as fiendish as the Englishman, Jack the Ripper. President Kennedy was killed, and no one can definitively answer the question of the bullet’s provenance and direction.

Stan Modrak, the author, retired in the San Francisco Bay Area, writes freelance articles published in various national military magazines primarily. He has also had a variety of military genre poetry published. Recently he had his first book of poetry published—The Mind Eclectic consisting of Love, Haiku, Variety, Military and Poetic Snap-shots. A Purple Heart veteran of the Korean War, Hostage of the Mind is his personal experience of a journey through the trauma of war and of the debilitating aftermath – P.T.S.D.--Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is also the author of, Rebellion: Saskatchewan Uprising of 1885.

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