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About this title:
A. Pablo Iannone

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Book Description:
Open-Ended, A. Pablo Iannone, ISBN 9780828326292 PAPERBACK $17; ISBN 9780828326308 KINDLE BOOKS

Migrated from Italy to Argentina, Giuseppe Conti married Vera Iorenni; together, they began three generations of descendants. In Open-Ended, Giuseppe forged a life and a future in a world of harsh anarchy. A would-be priest, he married Vera, raised by a French family. The story extends to New York, and to Los Angeles, where their grandchild, Ignacio José Conti became deeply involved in politics and love.

In the book, we meet the Conti and their extended family and friends--on a quest to understand their lives, their loves, and their human nature, in a world full of events:

César, a young fruit distributor, who became an active socialist and a an acerbic film critic;

Alberto, who, having lost his wife, married a young maid forty years his junior with whom he had twelve boys--all called Alberto;

Tosca, the family’s feminist,

disenchanted with socialism, married a policeman with whom she lived happily until she died from cancer;

Colín, who, like his sister Tosca, dreamed of becoming a tango singer and movie star, but instead became a successful boxer;

Leo, with his comically insane ideas, became—many times—a millionaire and broke; and, Pascale, Vera’s brother, having supported himself selling oranges, unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide and rejoices at his failure.

The story ends when Ignacio, back from Los Angeles visiting family and friends in Buenos Aires, reflects on the Conti’s open-ended promises and somber times, invariably facing each crisis with unbending determination. Through their dialogues and interactions, the Conti construct their conceptions of themselves as individuals and as family members with Italian roots, in different lands, on a planet anchored miraculously into an expanding universe.

A. Pablo Iannone holds a B.A. from U.C.L.A, and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; he has taught at various universities in the U.S. and abroad.

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