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About this title:
A Sicilian Story by Carlo Mignano

Item price:  $15.00
Book Description:
A Sicilian Story, by Carlo Mignano
ISBN 9780828326209 Paperback $15
ISBN 9780828326216 E-Book

Antonio grew up in Sicily, in a highly structured society wherein the identity of the single individual was denied and subjugated to the workings of criminals and extortionists who preyed with impunity on their fellow human beings eking their meager living out of a land full of man-made miseries. Herewith, brute force and reprisals curtailed any glimpse of individual enlightenment. For some reason, Antonio wanted to pursue his own principles, believing in a society whose citizens are “innocent until proven guilty.” Furthermore, he sought to be the master of his own fate—that he had a say in his own destiny, however or whoever made it possible. Typically, that was not the case either in work or in love. A successful artisan, he saw his shop torched; in love with Rosalia—a beautiful young woman in his neighborhood, he witnessed her abduction. He was convicted of a crime he did not commit, and went to jail. His one and only hope--seek a new life in America, where, among others, people believed in and followed in the principle of one’s innocence rather than automatic guilt.

In New York he learned about a new life and lived the American dream. He established his wood-working shop, married a beautiful young woman, and was blessed with two bright girls. He finally made it, and he did it in his own way! He did not know that his nemesis--the man, who had abducted Rosalia and had torched the store, was also living in New York. His world unexpectedly turned up-side-down; Antonio could not tolerate the presence of the man who was still holding sway over his very destiny!

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