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About this title:
Tribune of the People
by Dan Wallace

Item price:  $19.95
Book Description:

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Tribune of the People--A Novel of Ancient Rome, by Dan Wallace;
ISBN 9780828326049 Paperback $19.95; ISBN 9780828326056 E-Book

Tiberius Gracchus, the son of a celebrated plebeian father and a venerated patrician mother, fully expects to pursue the course of honor in Rome. After all, at just age 17, he won the Mural Crown for being first over the wall in the last, furious assault on Carthage. Ten years later, his path to glory takes him through northern Italia as a high-ranking officer to join the legions at war against Numantia in Hispania. On his way, however, the sight of countless throngs of starving veterans and their families stuns Tiberius. The devastating vision of fellow plebeians forced off their land by greedy patricians troubles Tiberius profoundly.

In Hispania, though grave setbacks plague the Roman army, Tiberius saves 20,000 Roman troops from certain destruction at the hands of the Numantines. Yet, he finds himself persecuted by enemy Senators who hope to send him back to the barbarians naked and in chains. In turn, Tiberius runs for tribune of the people, promising to restore to the plebeian veterans their land taken by predatory patricians who include his cousin and brother-in-law. Through all, Tiberius struggles to reconcile his ambition with the fears of his beloved wife Claudia and the demand for honor of his mother Cornelia. Ultimately, the escalating class dispute embroiling him ends in violence and bloodshed, the first spilled in the Roman Forum in 500 years.

Tiberiusís pursuit of distinction in Rome predates the age of Julius Caesar by 50 years and set the stage for the last days of the Roman Republic.

Dan Wallace worked in book publishing for 37 years before turning to writing full time. He lives in the Washington, DC, area with his wife and two cats.

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