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About this title:
Emily In The Here And Now
by Holly Nadler

Item price:  $15.00
Book Description:
Emily In The Here And Now, by Holly Nadler,
ISBN 9780828325950 Paperback $15.00;
ISBN 9780828325967 E-Book $9.99

Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886) may be the best recognized poet in America. Certainly, she is also well known among European critics and scholars, especially those belonging to the hermetic tradition. In this book, author Holly Nadler brings Dickinson back to life in this time and place--as the poet who died in supreme seclusion and obscurity comes face-to-face with her own great posthumous fame.

Yes, what if, through the miracles of modern chemistry and H.G. Wells-style weird science, the great 19th century poet Emily Dickinson is resurrected in the 21st century? And what if she’s vouchsafed to a reclusive English professor at a small college in Amherst, Massachusetts? Lucinda Reade has penned a best-selling book about Dickinson and the poet’s relevance to today’s young people, the ones who long to escape all their tech gear. Oh, did we call Lucinda a recluse? She may be short on friends and family, but she’s oddly close to all three of her ex-husbands. #1 is a whacko writer of “stupid, funny movies”, holed up in his trophy home with a survivalist mentality; #2 is a standup comic as neurotic as Woody but schmoozy as Seinfeld; and, #3 is an English Prof-turned-Southie-outlaw. Lucinda rustles up all three of them to help when the weird science gets weirder and she and Emily are forced to flee.

Finally there’s Lucinda’s yellow Labrador, Dukie, a service dog drop-out who’s plenty helpful when the professor, the exes, and Emily Dickinson find themselves in the jam of a lifetime (well, for Dickinson, the jam of two lifetimes!)

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