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About this title:
Stretch Yourself!
By: Victor M. Parachin
Item price:  $14.95
Book Description:
Stretch Yourself! 365 Great Reasons To Do Yoga, by Victor M. Parachin, Paperback ISBN 9780828325103 $14.95; E-Book 9780828325110 $9.95
Yoga is an ancient practice going back more than 5,000 years. Once an esoteric practice for the few, yoga has become an activity for the many. Yoga is for everyone--young and old, flexible and inflexible, athletic and non-athletic, women and men. It is healing and equitable upon all who practice. Anyone can do it and everyone will benefit from it: “Whether you are sick or weak, young, old or even very old, you can succeed in yoga if you practice diligently,” wrote Svatmarama Yogendra, a fourteenth century writer and teacher of yoga.
Yoga, when done regularly, brings about union in body, mind, and spirit. It brings desperately needed balance to daily life. It is a “psycho-physical” exercise science because the posture, movement and breath techniques affect not only the body but the mind, spirit and emotions as well.
This book is for experienced yogis as well as those who are curious about it. The 365 entries will provide ongoing information and inspiration to both those who practice yoga and those who would like to begin.

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