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About this title:
Alamo Doughboy
by Jennifer Rude Klett

Item price:  $18.95
Book Description:
Alamo Doughboy--Marching into the Heart of Kaiser's Germany during World War I, by Jennifer Rude Klett,
Paperback ISBN 9780828325073 $18.95;
E-Book ISBN 9780828325080 $9.99

ALAMO DOUGHBOY is a true story about a private who served with the Texas/Oklahoma Ninetieth Division in the First World War, his two brothers and two cousins, all of whom grew up in the same small town in Minnesota. This engrossing account is told from the neglected perspective of an infantry soldier in the trenches, containing many letters, maps, and photographs. What was it like going over the top? Fighting the German soldiers? Being a dispatch runner? What happened November 11, 1918? Who were in the Lost Battalion? What kept the doughboys going, and what happened if they survived the brutal physical and emotional trauma and returned home? How did the war affect the family? Alamo Doughboy is a solid military history, yet it transcends the war book genre. Its also about the home front, a boy and his dog, faith, love, courage, and duty: I hope that Kaiser will soon see that he had better stop while the stopping is good or before long he might wake up missing. October 28, 1918

It was almost an insane day. The evenings of the 11th, 12th and 13th were the wildest thing in the way of joy let loose and happiness unrestrained . . . November 20, 1918

The boys were falling all directions, but old Judge kept going. November 26, 1918.

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