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About this title:
Look into the Past
By Paul R. Robbins

Item price:  $9.95
Book Description:
Look into the Past, Mercedes, If You Dare! By Paul R. Robbins,
Paperback ISBN 9780828325035 $9.95;
E-Book ISBN 9780828325042 $4.95

About to graduate from a prestigious college, Mercedes had been an indifferent student in the classroom, but brilliant on the tennis court where she remained undefeated--not because she was more talented than her classmates, but because of her hired coaches. Wealthy beyond comparison with her classmates, she was physically athletic, good looking and charming, and because of her fatherís wealth, her future was all but assured. Suddenly and with no warning, her father was killed in a car accident; and days after her mother was fighting for her life in an emergency room, Mercedes discovered a bundle of passionate love letters between her mother and her lover. Mercedesí comfortable, idyllic and rich life turned upside down. Matters got worse when, while searching for the truth, the same truth threatened her very relationship with her Harvard boyfriend.

Her father had been the steady anchor in her life--a rock solid man, cool, steady, measured and careful. He had been utterly faithful to his wife, to his colleagues in his law firm, and, most of all, more than attentive to his daughter, who did not have to worry about the ups and downs of life. He had always been there to resolve any problems that came along. She was his only child, and he doted on her in every way

Mercedes had also gained strength through her mother, a marvelous hostess for the many parties and dinners held at their Connecticut estate, where they met with influential people, serving on so many committees, raising money for the New York's symphony and opera to charities in the Connecticut suburbs. Meredith Prescott had mentored Mercedes in dress and decorum and, in fact, had played the consummate role model for Mercedes, who desired nothing so much as to be like her mother. Now, in the shadow of this tragic accident, Mercedes had to worry about her future life and present well-being, with the knowledge that her mother had had a secret lover. Her obsession to discover the full truth about her mother leads her on a path of discoveries that have profound consequences, not only for her but for the people central to her life.

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