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About this title:
Surrender Or Die
by Michael D. Salem Sr

Item price:  $24.95
Book Description:
The taking of prisoners during war is a normal function of any combat action. Units, soldiers, companies, and, yes, even larger groups up to and including whole armies were known to have surrendered when the situation became untenable and continuance would only lead to unneces-sary slaughter. In the case of the principal character of this story, Tech Sergeant Mike Melas had two alternatives. One, surrender, and two, continue to fight against insurmountable odds and al-low what was left of his command to be slaughtered. He chose to surrender, hoping that a coun-terattack by the American forces would free them before they could be moved to the rear. He was wrong. The author, Michael D. Salem Sr. was a veteran and prisoner of war of World War II. This book is the culmination of his recollections during the time he fought in France and was impris-oned in Germany after his capture. The events that happened and the situations that occurred for the most part exemplify the way things were. His friends that died in battle and those that were captured with him were embossed in his memory. These memoirs are mostly based on the facts as he lived them during the latter stages of the war as a prisoner of the Germans. How the prison-ers of war lived and survived during their capture shows the amazing strength of the American G.I.s and their ingenuity to adapt to their situation. They found ways to make their life as prison-ers easier to bear while at the same time giving very little quarter to the Germans. Although he is now deceased, he managed to write and record his memories of these unforget-table experiences he had as an American soldier while he was still alive. As his son, “I was al-ways extremely proud of my father for the kind of man he was. He embodied the characteristics of a true American hero in my eyes and in the eyes of many others. He wanted to share his war-time experiences with the younger generations so they could better understand the sacrifices that the men and women of that time made for their country. He did this well in his book”.

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