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About this title:
by Nick Sevano & Ted Schwarz

Item price:  $29.95
Book Description:
SINATRA: His Story from an Insider, by Nick Sevano and Ted Schwarz
Paperback ISBN 9780828324878 $29.95
E-Book ISBN 9780828324885 $15.95

“What made Frank so interesting, and the reason why it has taken his death to write the full story, was that he was a man who was accepted by almost everyone. He traveled the world and met some of the wealthiest and most powerful men and women in government, business, and politics. He sang for the Queen of England and dined privately with the wife of the President of the United States. He partied with some of the deadliest organized criminals in America, and he had enough box office clout in Hollywood that he was frequently on what they call the A-List for parties in the mansions of the moguls.

“I suppose that a religious extremist might talk of Frank as an occasion for sin waiting to happen. He was intensely lonely and insecure, surrounding himself with tough guy sycophants, many of whom he had to pay to escort him. He engaged in sex with a succession of strangers and casual dates, some of whom he paid, some of whom were beaten, some of whom called him the greatest lover they had known. Yet none of the women lasted more than a few days or weeks, and even the most committed of his marriages was regularly interrupted by adultery,” observed Nick Sevano, the Insider Sinatra’s road to fame was fraught with obstacles. But if there is one specific attribute that allowed him to achieve his goals was his willingness to work hard to enhance his talents as a crooner and as an actor.

The authors have revealed enough inside information to make Frank Sinatra the full multi-dimensional persona of a man driven to achieve glory. Frank lived his life to the fullest and never compromised in his performances on behalf of his fans.

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