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About this title:
Tribute to Valor and Courage
by Eric Rick Lee

Item price:  $28.95
Book Description:
Tribute to Valor and Courage -- Narratives of American Service Men and Women During WW II, by Eric Rick Lee,

Paperback, ISBN 9780828324854 $28.95;
E-Book ISBN 9780828324861 $9.99

In many ways, American soldiers fought World War II from within their nation against segregation and from without against foes as Germany, Italy, and Japan. On both fronts, the American soldier of Japanese descent and the soldier of African descent fought their way up, internally and externally, in segregated units, seeing bloody action in the Pacific Theatre on one hand, and close combat on Montecassino and the Battle of the Bulge on the other. In the air, the Tuskegee Airmen proved once and for all that the American soldiers of African blood were no less heroic off and on the battlefield as were their fellow soldiers.

In the volume, Eric Rick Lee has brought together the stories of twenty six American soldiers, men and women who earned recognition for their military accomplishments. On reading about their exploits, one can easily agree with the authorís assumption in the title of his book that we can all share in paying tribute to their honor and to their courage: Frank W. Buckles, Jonas Bender, Louis Daugherty, James H. Helm Sr., Grant J. Hirabayashi, Mildred Dalton Manning, Adriano S. Olivar Jr., Fred Tanakatsubo, Warren M. Tsuneishi, Clarkson F. Venoy, Jesse A. Beazley, Charles Benning, Margaritte G. Ivory Bertram, Buddie Branch, James Caldwell, Augustine E. Clarke Jr., Guadalupe Flores, Mack P. Hurt Sr., Arnold W. Joseph, Sandor and Ann Klein, Sam Ozaki, Quincy Redman, Len Shirrell, and Thomas Taylor.

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