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About this title:
Soul of a Teenager
by Kim Pina

Item price:  $14.95
Book Description:
Soul of a Teenager, by Kim Pina.

E-Book Edition ISBN 9780828324267

Print-Book Edition ISBN 9780828324502, $14.95

My name is Kim Pina. Iím an average person who goes to an average High School in an anything but ordinary small Midwestern town in the middle of no where. Sophomore year begins and so does trouble in the form of a boy named Nathan whom I thought I loved. But the feeling wasnít returned. A lot of people knew him and told me to stay away because he was bad. So, naturally, like any teen girl seeking adventure and thrill, I didnít listen, and now I wished I had. But what all those people didnít know is that I believed I could change him. He, on the other hand, had other plans that didnít include me; so, down I fell off the magical cloud. While my heart was soaring, reality gave me the tumble of my life. But with my head in the clouds and the pieces of my heart weighing me down I started to walk again, slowly but surely: I was determined to glue those pieces back. A smile in place and head held high, I regained my being. In the end, I believe I changed him; but, more than anything, I changed myself, and I thank him for having helped me growódespite the pain.

I wouldnít be the me I am, were it not for that hurt in me. Kim Pina

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