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About this title:
I’ll Fight But Not Surrender
by Robert E. McHaney

Item price:  $9.99
Book Description:
I’ll Fight But Not Surrender by Robert E. McHaney

ISBN: 9780828324250

Print edition ISBN 9780828324519 $18.95

Corporal Robert Maxwell, who was knighted by the French government with the French Medal of Honor, was decorated with the Congressional Medal of Honor. He also received two Silver Stars, Two Purple Hearts, the Combat Infantry Badge, and the Legion of Honor. A close friend of Robert E. McHaney, Corporal Maxwell had this to say about McHaney memoirs, I’ll Fight But Not Surrender:

“This book, I’LL FIGHT BUT NOT SURRENDER, tells the story by one who was there. It vividly brings to light the horrors of World War II, by a soldier who faced death almost every day of his combat life. This is a story of tough men from the rough side of East Los Angeles-- of men who were thrown into the cauldron of war. Of the fifteen original members of Dolphin Company, First Platoon, Second Squad, who landed in Oran, North Africa, only three survived the battles of World War II. The men of Second Squad often asked: “Are we all going to die before this War is over? Each soldier knew that his tour of duty was for the duration of the War. Superb combat units such as Dolphin Company served for years—not months—of combat. When a soldier was wounded, he was sown up and returned to combat to bleed so more! Stories like, I’LL FIGHT BUT NOT SURRENDER, are needed today to tell us who sacrificed themselves to establish freedom in the world. These World War II warriors are vanishing before our eyes; but, thanks to books like these, we will have a precise knowledge of why they killed and died.” Corporal Robert Maxwell

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