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About this title:
God and Evolution or Evolvement
by Adolph Caso

Item price:  $16.95
Book Description:
Educator, Poet, Historian, Army officer, and a graduate of Northeastern and Harvard University, Adolfo grew up during the Vietnam era as an outsider looking into the social upheavals, finding that well-meaning people demonstrated on behalf of goodness but bolstered evil. It seems that man really does not learn from history regardless of how history repeats itself. With the advent of Liberation Theology, Collective Salvation, and modern technology, Adolfo looks to Dante on how to save the human soul. Considering how to govern people, he looks to Machiavelli to see whether Machiavelli was Machiavellian and whether his Prince was fit to govern. In Alfieri, who loathed the 19th century, Adolfo finds the perfect definition of tyrants and tyrannies (Alfieri's stanza on George Washington continues to be uplifting). Baffling is the reality that an America, populated with so many people speaking foreign languages, its education system has produced few Americans proficient in foreign languages. Realizing how science does not have answers to important questions, Adolfo turns to a God who transcends human attributes, rejecting Evolution and replacing it with Evolvement. As for Martin Luther and Galileo Galilei, Adolfo sees the former the father of modern anti-Semitism and the latter a victim of the Church.

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