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About this title:
UFOs Unidentified Flying Objects by Anthony J. Tambini

Item price:  $19.00
Book Description:
UFOs Unidentified Flying Objects - An Overview of Close Encounters and Low Flybys, by Anthony J. Tambini

ISBN 9780828326186 $19 Paperback

ISBN 9780828326193 E-Book

Over the past 50 plus years various Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) organizations, including the USAF’s Project Blue Book, have merely been collecting points for reports of UFOs. Except for some specific reports and photographs no real effort has been made to analyze those files. The time has come for these organizations to initiate an effort to scientifically review them in an effort to determine specifics associated with them.

The author of this book is a retired aerospace technical advisor/technical representative for a major aerospace company. One of the many assignments he has been involved with is that of reliability, maintainability and systems safety engineer as well as liaison between the company and the aerospace customer. As such, he had the responsibility of analyzing reports from the customer to determine trends which may impact the operational use of the particular aircraft. This book documents the results of his efforts into analyzing some of the many UFO reports in his files as well as those from USAF’s Project Blue Book. It is his hope that the book will initiate an immediate effort by UFO organizations as well as independent UFO investigators into reviewing the accumulated data they have on-hand. An appendix at the end of the book contains recommendations into how to accomplish this task.

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