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About this title:
Run West
by Dan Wallace

Item price:  $16.00
Book Description:
Run West--A Civil War Novel, Dan Wallace, ISBN 9780828326759 $16 Trade Paperback; ISBN 9780828326742 $9.95 E-Book

In late 1861, 17-year-old Billy McKinney and his father struggle to make ends meet on their East Tennessee mountain farm. Billy has heard the preacher say that slavery is wrong, but he cannot resist going to see a troop of sharply bedecked Confederate horsemen parading in town. Suddenly, Billy finds himself drafted by the Rebels to fight the Yankees. During his first battle, he charges in stark fear through a storm of gunfire and cannon shot. Amid a driving, icy rain, he watches friends fall all around him, their mouths bubbling bloody webs of agony. Terrified, Billy decides to run.

Days later, Billy meets up with four other fugitives, runaway slaves led by Bev Bowman. Furious at the sight of his gray uniform, they brutally beat Billy. He pleads his case, and wins begrudging acceptance in their harrowing flight. Rather than risk seizure in northern states only to be sent back south, the running men head toward Indian Territory. They witness the terrible fate of innocents everywhere and suffer their own losses as well. One by one, their paths diverge, yet through it all, Bev, Billy, and their friends never forget the bonds they forged together on the long road west.

Dan Wallace worked in book publishing for 37 years before turning to writing full time. He lives in the Washington, DC, area with his wife and two cats.

By the author of Tribune of the People: “Wallace's epic novel triumphs with a vivid historical account of ambitious elite Roman politicians and generals.”—Publishers Week “This thoroughly researched novel is as dramatic and gory as any swords-and-sandals epic and demonstrates how educational historical fiction can be. A wide cast of characters including soldiers, senators, slaves, mothers, and wives expand the reader’s understanding of life in this time.”--Library Journal

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