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About this title:
Weston Veterans: World War II, (Vol. 1)

Item price:  $29.95
Book Description:
Weston Veterans: World War II
by Adolph Caso and Margaret Caso
ISBN 9780828324779 Paperback Edition $29.95
ISBN 9780828324786 E-Book Edition $15.95

The authors, Adolph (Adolfo) and Margaret Caso, tell the story of 27 Weston, Massachusetts residents (24 American-born veterans and 3 foreign-born survivors) who lived during World War II. The contrastive narrative is derived from interviews of each veteran, and emphasizes: the social context at the time of induction, the kind of basic training, the actual participation on the battlefield, the repatriation, and the commitment to family and work. Each story is that of an individual devoted to and consciously living the American way of life made possible by the form of government envisioned in a Constitutional Democracy. Three Weston residents, on the other hand, lived overseas during the War: one in Italy under Mussolini, the second in Japan under Hirohito, and the third in Poland under Hitler and Stalin. The latter show a sharp contrast and divide between Democracy on one hand, and Fascism and Communism on the other.

Besides their stories, each veteran and non-veteran contributed additional information in the form of letters, documents, photos, and pertinent memorabilia relating to their lives as soldiers—many items are made public for the first time herewith.

One veteran gained expertise on homing pigeons, for example. Another managed the communication systems on the launch of the Enola Gay to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet another was dumped on the heap of dead bodies at the Battle of the Bulge. Another became a fighter pilot. Yet another, serving on a destroyer, survived all kinds of hazardous engagements. Throughout those days of battle, many wrote love letters to their wives, children and friends—letters of great solidarity and of the truest expressions of love—these are also included as mementos of great spirits!

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