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About this title:
Lovers and Spouses
By Liselotte Mettler & Elwin W. Law

Item price:  $19.00
Book Description:
Lovers and Spouses—A Story of Enduring Love, By Liselotte Mettler, and Elwin W. Law

ISBN 9780828326391 Paperback $19; ISBN 9780828326407 Kindle

This is the fascinating and true story of Dr. Liselotte Mettler—one of medicine’s great heroines, and of Elwin Wallace Law—an international financier with an American family history in finance. From the fateful day they met (Winter 1967), each fell in love with one another, resulting in an intense relationship. That love was to transcend time itself as well as fate and other personal circumstances. Together and separately, each made a mark on the world. Liselotte worked with the natives in the jungles of Perú; there, she came close to death during a plane crash where she landed in a tree whose branches saved her life. As a swimmer in Rome in the 1960 Olympics, she came close to winning the Bronze medal. Elwin, on the other hand, succeeded in the hard-driving real estate challenges in California. Despite divergent professional and private lives, both had a successful and happy family life but never lost their deep connection and memory of each other. Finally, in their seventies, they consummated that love through marriage. Presently, they enhance one another in what, admittedly, was made possible because of their enduring love for each other.

“The Story of Lisa and John is a powerful testimony of love and lasting friendship—a joy and inspiration.” Oltmann Siemens, Head of the World Bank Group, Frankfurt, Germany.

“A True Story of Lisa and John—true romantics and truly majestic.” Prashant O. Mangeshikar, MD, President, International Society for Gynecological Surgery.

“This love story of two extraordinary and world-known individuals is magnificent in depth, courage and dimension.” Assia A. Stepanian.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Liselotte Mettler studied medicine and specialized in obstetrics and gynecology at Kiel University in 1973. A pioneer in medicine and Professor Emeritus, she holds the Honorary Chair of Gynecological Endoscopy and Reproductive Medicine and works as a Deputy Director in Reproductive Medicine at the University Clinics of Schleswig-Holstein-Kiel; she divides her time working in the United Arab Emirates. She has worked in Perú, Israel, the USA, and England. In 2010, she was Honorary Chair at the American Society of Minimal Invasive Gynecology, and became an honorary member of the American and German College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 2016. Presently she is the Executive Director of the International Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR), whose world congress will be held in Italy in March 2017. Liselotte has written 20 books and more than 600 articles. She is the mother of three sons, Sebastian-Bijan, Alexander-Firus and Moritz Stefan.

Elwin W. Law, an international financier, was born in Georgia, where he excelled in sports and later in California real estate. After graduate school Elwin was commissioned a US Army officer serving two years in Germany, where he returned to pursue his dream. He became a Stockbroker with Paine-Webber and Manager of the Ruhr-Gebiet in Germany with an American Investment Company. In 1973, he became an agent with Coldwell Banker in La Jolla; in 1976, he established his own company specializing in residential and investment properties. He was the Chief Financial Officer and later President of the Real Estate Brokers Association of La Jolla, California. Elwin has two children: Dana and Todd.

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