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About this title:
Plundering White European Men
by Philip A. Belcastro

Item price:  $18.95
Book Description:
Plundering White European Men, by Philip A. Belcastro
ISBN 9780828324670, Paperback, $18.95
ISBN 9780828324687, E-Book

The storytellerís Italian family proudly defends America with their blood against the Axis powers of World War II--only to survive as branded perpetrators for nearly all of Americaís social ills dating from Columbus on through the 21st century. The veracity of Americaís pejorative portrayal of White European men is confronted by the verity of the storytellerís experience in three voice personas: as a son, father and professor. The sonís humorous as well as tearful journey chronicles the heartfelt nurturing of the European men that gifted his rearing. The fatherís journey testifies to the prosecution by America on his person. The professorís journey exposes Americaís enterprise to estrange sons and daughters from the breasts, hearts and fold of their White European fathers. What bleeds through the three spirited voices is the illicit invasion of Americaís newfound contempt for the very lives, culture and intrinsic bonds between White European Christian men and their families--especially their children. While the son and father provide the humanistic experience, the professor interjects the evidentiary and social commentary responsible for the loathsome imaging of White men in America. Their collective voices testify to the generations of White European Americans defrauded of their heritage and contribution to Americaís legacy.

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