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About this title:
Ice Meteors
by Anthony J. Tambini

Item price:  $9.99
Book Description:
Kindle Edition

Ice meteors have always posed dangers for all flying aircraft, because they are difficult to analyze and because they either melt as they fall from the sky or melt thereafter on reaching the ground. For centuries people from all over the globe have reported large chunks of ice falling from a clear blue sky. The size and weight of the mystery ice has varied greatly, from a chunk described as being as large as an elephant that fell in India in 1800, down to the size of a grapefruit. Although some of the older reports predate the invention of the airplane, whenever a ice-falls occur, in modern times they are attributed to airplanes passing overhead. However, in most instances, ice-falls occur when there is no aircraft visible in the sky at all. Granted there are minority reports of small pieces of ice attributed to ice that builds up on the outer parts of flying aircraft; most ice-falls, however, have origins that go beyond our high flying aircraft, and are as treacherous as they are insidious. In this book, Mr. Tambini offers great details into the history of each reported ice meteor. His inventory is simply staggering

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