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About this title:
Amalfi Re-Visited
by Adolph Caso

Item price:  $18.00
Book Description:
Amalfi Re-Visited, by Adolph Caso
ISBN 9780828326360 PAPERBACK $18;
ISBN 9780828326377 KINDLE BOOKS

Around 1300 AD, the Maritime Republic of Amalfi was one of the more powerful, and first Democratic government in Europe. Its ships sailed the Mediterranean Sea, to and from the nations of North Africa and the Middle East to the south, and from Portugal to France and both sides of Italy to the north, and beyond the waters of Turkey. Its merchants imported silk and spices from the East, and exported its own home-made paper. Flavio Biondo perfected the compass, and Amalfi instituted The Amalfitan Papers, a code-book on how to govern on national and international waters. With the ballot box, sailors chose their captains, and citizens chose their Presidents. Suddenly, Amalfi was destroyed by high rising tsunami waters that caused the mountain to collapse onto the city, destroying it and killing most of its people.

In the 21nd Century, having regained some prominence, Amalfi was to be re-visited by a similar event--this time, man-made.

Two run-away brothers from Boston took residence in Amalfi: the older--fired from his professorship due to promiscuity with Sylvia, a black female student--becomes a Deacon at the Cathedral; now a diva, she returns into his life. The younger brother--his unproven scientific experiments gone viral, becomes the target of international terrorists seeking to attain the secrets he never had, is pursued by Jody, a special US secret agent with orders to kill him, if necessary.

About the Author:
Having survived World War II, Adolph Adolfo Caso completed only first grade. In 1947, he joined his family in Boston. Eleven-years old, speaking a limited Neapolitan dialect, he was placed in the sixth grade. Thereafter, he received his high school diploma, his undergraduate degree from Northeastern University, his graduate degree from Harvard University, and various military diplomas from courses leading to promotions up to the rank of General. He has written more than 40 books, and developed 12 interactive cultural courses available online. Among others, he is the author of, Water and Life (poems and photos in English and Italian), We the People Formative Documents of America’s Democracy, The Straw Obelisk (post anti-World War II novel). To America and Around the World--The Logs of Columbus and Magellan, Dante in the 20th Century (anthology on Dante), God, and Evolution or Evolvement (rejection of Darwinism), Centennial Special (history of Branden Books), Kaso English to Italian Phonemic Dictionary, Bilingual Two-Language Assessment Battery of Test (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Chinese), and co-author with Captain Charles Francis of, The Tuskegee Airmen--The Men Who Changed a Nation.
Though almost 83, this Octo is bound to stop working 30 minutes after he will have died.

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