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About this title:
Deeds of Thyda
by William Rosenfeld

Item price:  $19.00
Book Description:
Deeds of Thyda, by William Rosenfeld, ISBN 9780937832622

Paperback $19; ISBN 9780937832639 E-Book

This singular novel, Deeds of Thyda, began with the title character's name. Bill had no idea where it came from or what he could do with it. As a result, the plot evolved practically on its own. As it turned out, Thyda's story is that of a young college woman dropout, a member of a privileged family in a small town, whose life follows the premise wherein ordinary citizens of her town spend their lives pursuing cheap "thrills." On her return from college, she takes up company with a young man with whom she develops a scandalous relationship with Thyda and her immediate family members. Thyda's secondary relationship develops around a young-woman--a lawyer, who takes on the management of Thyda's estate.

About the Author:

William Rosenfeld holds a PhD in American Studies from The University of Minnesota. He taught in English departments at the universities of Maine and Baldwin-Wallace, joining the faculty of Kirkland College (1969), which merged with its parent Hamilton College in 1978). Bill directed the Creative Writing Program--one of the oldest undergraduate programs. He retired in 1995 as a Robert and Marjorie McEwenn Professor of English. Having published short fiction and poetry in periodicals as, The Antioch Review, Descant, and, Harper Square Press. His previous full-length titles are published by Dante University Press: Garibaldi and Rio Grande's War for Independence, and, Margaret Tuger of Herkimer, NY; both are fictional memoirs. Deeds of Thyda is his first novel.

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