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About this title:
The Watch
by Leon Haley

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Book Description:
The Watch by Leon Haley A fictional historical novel that begins in the mid-19th century in Virginia, The Watch is complex story of several relationships that have their genesis in a rape of a beautiful slave by the son of the owner of the plantation on which she lived. During this episode, the son, unbeknown to him, loses a pocket watch - a valued family heirloom which has been passed down from father to son over several generations. The watch is found by the slave girl and kept hidden for many years, out of bitterness and ill feeling towards the son.

This illicit affair results in the birth of a mulatto son who is subsequently named Abraham but whose paternity is kept secret until his adulthood; the effect of which is to produce several compelling intergenerational and interpersonal relationships involving the son while he copes with the knowledge of having a white slave-owning father. The capstone of these relationships is a deep, tender, and intense love affair with a girl he meets at college who becomes his intimate confidant and eventually his wife, and who is the source of his strength throughout the struggle with his paternity.

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