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About this title:
Sicilian Tales
by Luigi Capuana

Item price:  $19.95
Book Description:
Dear nieces and nephews: Listen to how these tales were born.

After having written one for a dear child who desperately wanted a beautiful tale from me, it occurred to me one day to write some others for my grandchildren.

At that time, I was sad and also a little ill with an intellectual inertia that made me angry. Readers will not easily imagine the joy I experienced from this work as I found myself, all of a sudden, creating in my imagination that marvelous world of fairies, magicians, kings, queens, monsters, and spells that make up the artistic landscape of a young mind.

Born in Sicily, Luigi Capuana (1839--1915) became a major Italian author as a novelist, journalist, and theater and literary critic. He was also a professor at the University of Catania, Sicily. In his narrative, he was both a romantic and a verista. He was also a writer of failry tales for which he received wide acclaim.

As a literary critic, Capuana established a reputation for objectivity and analytical acumen. As a novelist, he displayed a startling ability to expose the psychology of a wide spectrum of characters. Among his best novels are Giacinta (1879), Profumo (1891), Le Paesane (1894), and his masterpiece, Il Marchese di Roccaverdina (1901). However, he is also remembered for several collections of intriguing fairy tales of which C'era Una Volta…(1862) is the best known.

Santi Buscemi, the son of Sicilian immigrants from Agrigento, is professor of English at Middlesex County College in Edison, New Jersey, where he chaired the Department of English for 28 years. He is the author of several college textbooks on writing and has presented papers on the teaching of writing and literature at national and international conferences in the United States and in South Africa. Buscemi’s translations have appeared in The Journal of Italian Translation and Forum Italicum. He is currently working on a translation of Capuana’s Il Marchese di Roccaverdina.

ISBN-10: 0937832510
ISBN-13: 978-0937832516

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